chocolateonmykeyboard asked:

I love your edits! :D They're lovely!

thank you so much!! :)

explorism asked:

ok how did you get that url i am incredibly jealous

ok to be completely honest with you i didn’t have to go through anything to get it i just decided to sign up for tumblr and it was available so i guess i was pretty lucky!! ^-^

Anonymous asked:

what are the original pictures for your honore & humbled edit?

you can find them all here :)

Anonymous asked:

Hey~I saw you said on your instagram that you made a personal type tumblr account but I can't find it, did you change it? I want to follow :)

hello there!! it’s darthvaderrs but i haven’t made any posts on it yet so maybe that’s why it didn’t show up :)

A cab driver turned to skydiver, then to survivor, dying to breakdown.

@owlcity: Worried I might be a delicate carnivorous plant

I can’t even describe how humbled and honored I am for your endless support. I feel really undeserving and I’m so thankful to you all.
won·der·struck // experiencing a sudden feeling of awed delight or wonder.